Corruption Hurting Economy of Pakistan
Corruption Hurting Economy of Pakistan Corruption is the root cause of declining economy rate in Pakistan. It is not only the problem of Pakistan, it is widespread throughout the country, but the degree of corruption is different in many countries. In recent years in Pakistan, corruption has caused severe loss to the economy. According to an estimated value, Pakistan has lost 12 billion rupees per day due to corruption. Illegal acts are also destroying energy sectors of Pakistan. Pakistan is losing billions of rupees due to corruption which includes theft and line losses. It is affecting every single department in Pakistan that’s why it is called a curse, a curse which slowly and gradually inherited from generation to generation. From allotment of land to educating children, from sports to public health sectors every department is involved in the corruption. Therefore, it is affecting Pakistan’s economy in big perspective. In recent months, court and NAB have taken some serious steps to eliminate corruption from its roots. The economy of any country has many influences on different sectors, organizations and departments like education, energy resources and sports. Pakistan is suffering severely by the corruption and ultimately the economy rate is declining. This Corruption hurting economy of Pakistan essay is the authority of, If you need to get complete essay on this topic or any other please contact us via Email: or Contact Nnumber: 0313 6363496 for Whatsapp: 0346 319 6313