Terrorism – a Threat to Peace of the World
Terrorism – a Threat to Peace of the World The terrorist threat is growing like a disease and causing dangerous effects throughout the world. No continent, no nation is secured from the threat. Terrorists are the enemy of humanity, it does not matter what are their intentions but the innocent civilians suffer the ultimate consequence of this violent acts. In the past few years, extremism has been overpowering and creating many devastating problems in those countries that are facing this evil challenge. It is greatly affecting the economy of the countries and disturbing the lives of the citizens. Especially youth are the most susceptible to the extremism because they are the future of the world and they have to face the aftermath of this situation in terms of financial crisis and peace. Peace is the essential part of our lives, without it this world looks like a hell. However, the war on terror has completely destroyed the peace of the affected countries. Therefore, after the increasing rate of terrorism, many countries have modified their policies to fix security issues and increase their budget of defence to improve their defence system. To ensure world peace, all the nations are working hard by taking effective initiatives but to eliminate it permanently the whole world must help each other so that this growing menace can be countered easily and quickly. Terrorism – a Threat to Peace of the World essay is the authority of www.essaywriting.com.pk, If you need to get complete essay on this topic or any other please contact us via Email: essaywritingpk@gmail.com or Contact Number: 0313 6363496 for Whatsapp: 0346 319 6313