Terrorism – The Biggest Global Threat
Terrorism – The Biggest Global Threat From the early period of the 21st century, people have witnessed several horrific events which change the lives of every person across the globe. After the early events of terrorism, there have been lots of alterations happened throughout the world. Terrorism has been initiated new global threats especially the security of the citizens and peace in the country. Whether the terrorists have any strong motives or not but the innocent citizens pay the price for it. Mostly the terrorism occurs due to some religious reasons like 9/11 attack. Political and geographical reasons are also being used for terrorist attacks. It is said that terrorists have no religion, no country. If they have any serious motives but still it is not the way to express their thoughts by killing innocent people. Those nations which are severely affected and still facing terrorism are Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. As the world is changing and advancing towards new technologies and discovering new dimensions of the universe as the new risks are arising. Threats of terrorism are mounting in different countries where you can’t even imagine like Middle East countries, Saudi Arabia. Due to the advanced technologies terrorists have also found out new ways of terrorism to increase the violation and fear. However, restoration of peace is very crucial for every nation which possibly reduces other issues of the world. Terrorism – The Biggest Global Threat essay is the authority of www.essaywriting.com.pk, If you need to get complete essay on this topic or any other please contact us via Email: essaywritingpk@gmail.com or Contact Number: 0313 6363496 for Whatsapp: 0346 319 6313