The Future of Democracy in Pakistan
The Future of Democracy in Pakistan Democracy is not a new term for us. We daily listen to it in talk-shows. But what are the reasons that still we do not practically experienced democracy? Why are we still lacking stability in our country? “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” This is the statement of Abraham Lincoln, in 1863. This great statement is following by almost every country. We also say that we live in a democratic country but in reality democracy always remain wobbling. Our democratic Pakistan got the first major attack when Liaquat Ali Khan was murdered, since then we are facing the aftermath and still struggling to take Pakistan back on the right track. It is said that in those countries where democracy is present, that country gradually goes onto the track of development and prosperity. It maintains balance in a country but in our nation, rich people are running the system and implementing loads of taxes on poor people, therefore, political analysts say that bad governance by the democratic governments has severely affected Pakistan. However, after every night new bright day always comes up and for Pakistan new day is our youth. Before the independence and after the inception of Pakistan youth has played the important role for Pakistan and they would definitely revive the right democratic system in Pakistan. The future of democracy in Pakistan essay is the authority of, If you need to get complete essay on this topic or any other please contact us via Email: or Contact Number: 0313 6363496 for Whatsapp: 0346 319 6313