6 Ways Technology Facilitates Students

Just a click and access to million things is just a glimpse of how technology has eased our life particularly the learning process. The intervention of technology has simplified the teaching and learning procedure, which sometime back were considered complicated and complex. The phrase “learning by doing”, has been coined because of the application of technology in the education sector. However, still, some individuals possess distinctive perspective relating to the technological emergence in academics. It is considered as a revolutionizing step which continues to impact the educational sector positively, some of which are mentioned below:

• Instant access
In this instantaneous world, technology has provided the education institutes with the fast-paced world through instant connection and access to match with the increasing demands. This access provides them information that goes beyond their school textbook. Within seconds, they get access to digital encyclopedias and the sources where every section and information is updated in seconds. The students also don’t have to carry the baggage of their course book as smart technology has paved its way in institutes. The teachers are also integrating the online learning activities within the classroom to provide essay help for student in their paper. Students under the guidance of the facilitator learn to conduct quality research.

• Motivates learners
Technological tool use in the classroom is flourishing. Students are more eager and enthusiastic to make use of technology in their learning. Various simulation and gaming practices are made available to students where they experience stressors which are to be faced in a real situation. The schools which cannot bear the cost or resources for sending students to actual students can now make them experience it within the school. It has also been concluded through various studies that student’s retention of the information has increased with the use of technology. The tech generation is made future ready by these experiences.

• Collaborative learning
Social media is termed as the showstopper in the technological world. It has opened doors to various opportunities to students for forming collaborations. Various groups are created, on which the information or message is circulated, projects are discussed, questions are asked and a lot more. The students can also submit their assignments online to their students, where various technological provisioned software are used for determining the originality of context to test the student understanding. Teachers and students across borders can connect to discuss the new techniques and way which are making the learning procedure effective and efficient.

• Personalized lectures
Use of smart technology in the classroom has benefited teachers and students alike. Teacher thorough it devises topics and interactive lessons to disseminate the information in an effective way. With technology, they aid in their student learning by using tools such as website, apps, videos and more, so that no disparity remains in their understanding. Personalization of the lectures has made students more willing to reach out to their facilitators for their academic endeavors.

• Facilitates special-needs students
The teaching of special-needs students which was previously considered a great challenge has now become easy. The development of the learning devices has aided them in overcoming their learning disabilities. The tools that are used by the facilitator include the speech recognition devices, tools for screen reading, sound amplifiers, and video conferencing for sign language and physically impaired students. The introduction of e-book and eye-gaze tools has also assisted the physically handicapped students as they don’t have to rely on anyone else for turning the textbook page, nor they have to carry a huge burden of the textbook which added more challenged to their already challenged educational expedition.

• Makes the future ready
Adaptation of technology in the classroom develops their technological understanding. This understanding serves as the basis for their employment as employers hire individuals who have technological competence. It also makes them critically question the facilitator of the various aspects of technology along with independent work assignments as well as making them proficient in cross-technological use. Through this technology, the student can also reach out to their desired company or employe, where they seek a job opportunity.

Sum up:
The long and tedious learning process has now made more effective and efficient. Thanks to technology, students can access their desired information 24/7. It forms a collaboration with the associated parties, motivates them, encourages them, and paves their path towards success.

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