What Reasons Student May Not Graduate On Time?

Students are extremely pumped up to get admission in their desired colleges. They plan on doing many activities and acing their grades, but only a few of them clearly make it up to graduation. Most of these students only make it up to the sophomore year. Ever thought why is that so? Well if you are someone who is seeking admission to college then have a look at the reasons that might thwart your path towards completing your graduation.

Reason no 1: Lack of Focus
The major reason towards the low percentage of graduate students is their indecisiveness towards their major. The change in major causes huge impact and loss of their credits. Consider having a freshman change his major pretty fine but now replace that freshman with a junior year students, now that’s some waste of time. Either they are not properly guided about the course or later find it that the course is not suitable for them. Another cause could be the trend of having more majors is what has students delay their graduation. The students also don’t realize that their major does not decide the level of job or career they aspire for. The trick is to choose an effective and interesting combination of minor to go with the major you choose.

Reason no 2: Lack of Finances
Another prominent reason that students don’t complete their graduation is the shortage of finance required. In spite of taking student loans, the fund is still not enough to cover their educational expenses. The cost of books, rentals, classes and more are difficult to adjust for the students, therefore, they seek easy way our i.e. dropping out of it. Therefore, students must be proactive in this and adopt a scheme to check their institutional financial aid, look for scholarships in their program or may grasp themselves an online job that they could do while studying probably like working for an essay writing services.

Reason no 3: Lack of Seriousness
Another reason that plays a predominant role as to why students don’t complete their graduation on time is their immaturity. Students get admission in college but they lack the mature attitude required for attaining those grades and having complete those credit hours. The sooner the students realize that their serious attitude is essential for them to succeed in the college the higher their chance of getting their graduation complete. They are also unprepared for the rigorous academics they have to go through, more inclined towards partying them studying which mostly results in bad grades which are enough to drop out of college. Also, the immaturity can be the reason for their fear. The fear of stereotyping, especially the students that are in minority face this issue. This fear thwarts their progress and thus mostly leads them to drop out before the college completion.

Reason no 4: Being Homesick
The trend of seeking admission in an oversea key country has boomed. The idea seems really exciting at first but later is dreaded by most of the students because either they fail to make friends there or the feeling of not being in their homeland is overwhelmed which make them drop out of college and not complete their graduation on time. Mostly this drop out because of homesickness is seen in the students of rural areas, where an extreme change leads to not delayed graduation.

Reason no 5: Demanding Work Schedule
Most students seek work to pay for their academic expense and give their career an early start. However, some of these students may face a conflicting work schedule with their course schedule where it becomes difficult for them to manage it. In most cases, the job is set prior to studies in the list of students. Also loads of homework, exams, and difficult professors also add to their stress which drives students to a point where they are left with no choice other than to quit.

Reason no 6: Family Issues
The family is the highest priority in every student’s list. Family can be supportive most of the times and sometimes can be the reason of students stress. Most students leave their education either due to some emergency in their family. Generally, the professors are considerate enough and provide students with a suitable plan that works out for them. However, this issue is impossible to prevent but it doesn’t have to stop students from graduation as observed mostly.

The college life has always been a struggle but in the present era, there are more distractions in contrast to the previous one. The students need to plan all their academic endeavors ahead such as taking a semester off or admission in a virtual college or switching to a community college are possible alternatives instead of delaying their graduation or dropping out completely.

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